Piatra Neamț, Romania

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city: 85,055

Land area

59 km2

Population density

1442 inhabitants/km2

Piatra Neamț is located in the vicinity of the mountains, in the area of several national parks - Ceahlău, Cheile Bicazului - Hășmaș, Vînători Neamț, of lakes such as Roșu, Cuejdel, Izvorul Muntelui, of the famous monasteries.

The main access roads in the city are:
- National Road 15: crossing Piatra Neamț from the south, liaising with Transylvania
- National Road 15C: liaises with Suceava, passing through Târgu Neamț
- National Road 15D: Piatra Neamț - Roman, with connection to road E85.

Piatra Neamț is crossed by a secondary railway, no. 509 Bacău - Piatra Neamț - Bicaz (86 km). The city has no airport. The nearest international airports are in Bacău (at 61 km), Iaşi (at 134 km) and Suceava (at 122 km).

Contact person for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning


Telephone: +40.723.209.208
Email: rocity-managerprimariapn
City website:http://www.primariapn.ro

Participation in previous and current EU transport related projects

Status of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan exists (documents only available in Romanian).

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