Olomouc, Czech Republic

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city: 101,657

Land area

103 km2

Population density

984 inhabitants/km2

Olomouc is a city in Moravia, in the east of the Czech Republic. Located on the Morava River, the city is the ecclesiastical metropolis and historical capital city of Moravia. Today it is an administrative centre of the Olomouc Region and sixth largest city in the Czech Republic. The city has about 102,000 residents, and its larger urban zone has a population of about 480,000 people.Public transport in Olomouc is provided by trams and buses. Railway services from Olomouc hlavní nádraží (main railway station) to Senice na Hané and Prostějov make stops around the city. (WIKI)

Modal Split

Year 2001


Trips to work, national people and household census

Survey method:

Household survey



Population (2001)



Contact person for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

Zita Pirnosová

Telephone: +420 588 488 383
Email: euzita.pirnosovaolomouc
City website:http://www.olomouc.eu
Political representative: Aleš Jakubec, alderman

Participation in previous and current EU transport related projects

  • BUMP (2014 - 2017)   (show/hide more information)
    BUMP provides city planners, environmental and technical officers in local authorities, with the knowledge and skills to plan and manage sustainable mobility in urban and peri-urban areas. Moreover, BUMP supports the most committed towns and cities to produce their own Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.
  • CIVINET Czech and Slovak Republics

Status of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

the city of Olomouc plans to start with SUMP in the year 2015, interest at political and clerk levels.

Assistence with SUMP tender compilation requested.

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