Craiova, Romania

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city: 269,506

Land area

81 km2

Population density

3327 inhabitants/km2

Craiova is situated in southern Romania, on the left bank of the Jiu river, at an altitude between 75 and 116 m. Craiova is part of the Romanian Plain, specifically the Oltenia Plain extending from the Danube river, Olt river and of the Getic plateau, being crossed by Jiu Valley. The city is situated approximately in the center of Oltenia, at a distance of 227 km from Bucharest and 68 km from the Danube river.

Modal Split

Year 2014




Contact person for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning


Telephone: +40.251.419.589
Email: roint.europaprimariacraiova
City website:
Political representative: Lia Olguţa VASILESCU, Mayor of Craiova

Participation in previous and current EU transport related projects

  • Road traffic flow improvement on the East-West transport axis of Craiova through the rehabilitation of Dacia boulevard
  • Road infrastructure rehabilitation in the North-Western part of Craiova Growth Pole, to streamline the traffic of Craiova Metropolitan Area
  • Underground passage road construction to reduce traffic congestion in Craiova Metropolitan Area
  • Road infrastructure rehabilitation on the North - South - East axis of Craiova Growth Pole to streamline traffic in Craiova Metropolitan Area
  • National Theatre underground parking
  • Environment friendly transport development in the city of Craiova
  • Overpass construction for the traffic decongestion in Craiova Metropolitan Area - above ground level passage across the intersection at km 0 to take over the car traffic from the E70 road

Status of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan exists (documents only available in Romanian).

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