Făgăraș, Romania

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city: 30,714

Land area

15 km2

Population density

2108 inhabitants/km2

Făgăraș is situated in Brașov County, being an urban settlement with a rich history and a strong commercial center. The city is bordered by the Făgăraș Mountains (highest mountain in the Southern Carpathians), by the Perșani Mountains and by the Olt River.

Făgăraș is crossed by the national road DN1, which links Brașov (66 km) and Sibiu (76 km); together with three other county roads and railways, the national road provides the necessary infrastructure to carry out economical activities, as well as a direct and fast connection with the rest of the country. Transport within the city is covered by the public roads, paved up to 80% of their overall length - 59 km, out of which 49 km are modernized. The private and commercial transport inside and outside the city is covered by private buses and minibuses.

Contact person for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning


Telephone: +40.768.186.572
Email: comdaciasapatoruyahoo
City website:http://www.primaria-fagaras.ro/
Political representative: Constantin Sorin MĂNDUC, Mayor of Făgăraș

Status of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan exists (documents only available in Romanian).

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