Celje, Slovenia

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agglomeration: 49,377
city: 37,959

Land area

95 km2

Population density

520 inhabitants/km2

Celje is the third largest city in Slovenia. It is located on the intersection of V. and X. corridor, as well as on A1 Slovene highway. The city is facing a rapid growth in vehicle traffic, which affects the air quality of the area and health of the inhabitants. Due to neglecting the development of public transport and other sustainable modes of transport in the recent years, cars became the number one choice of traveling around the city. The old town was recently renovated and closed for traffic but for modal shift to happen, investments in sustainable mobility and restrictive parking policies will need to be implemented in the coming years.

Modal Split

Year 2016

Survey method:

Household survey




Contact person for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

Miran Gaberšek

Telephone: +386 3 42 65 842
Email: simiran.gabersekcelje
City website:http://www.moc.celje.si/
Political representative: Major Bojan Šrot

Participation in previous and current EU transport related projects

  • SUGAR (2008 - 2012)   (show/hide more information)
    SUGAR focuses on addressing the problem of inefficient and ineffective management of urban freight distribution, a critical component of the overall urban transport system and a primary source of vehicle pollutant emissions. To accomplish this, SUGAR promotes the exchange, discussion and transfer of policy experience, knowledge and good practices in the field of urban freight management, with regards to policy and planning levers between and among advanced and less experienced sites.

Status of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan exists.

Celje adopted its 1st SUMP in 2017.

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