Pivka, Slovenia

Image of the city


agglomeration: 6,044
city: 2,109

Land area

7 km2

Population density

320 inhabitants/km2

Pivka lies in a region that is well accessible and connected to the national motorway network and railway network. Cars are still the most common means of transportation in the municipality. The network of public transportation is very widespread, so it is very accessible by most of the people. Passengers can take bicycles on the train to travel sustainably.

Nevertheless, public transportation is not frequent enough to be an attractive mode of mobility. Walking is not very common, since the infrastructure is not attractive for walking and distances in the municipality are long. Cycling infrastructure is partly built. Ambitious expansion of cycling infrastructure is foreseen in strategic documents of the municipality.

Contact person for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

Email: siobcinapivka
City website:http://www.pivka.si

Status of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan exists.

Municipality of Pivka adopted its 1st SUMP in 2018.

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