Aalen, Germany

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agglomeration: 67,091
city: 26,484

Land area

147 km2

Population density

458 inhabitants/km2

Aalen is a middle center in Ostwürttemberg, approximately 70 km east of Stuttgart and 50 km north of Ulm. Aalen lies on the Kocher, on the north-eastern edge of the Swabian Alb.

The city is connected to the federal highway 7 (Westhausen and Oberkochen) by two highway connections located in the immediate vicinity of the city area and therefore easily accessible. In addition, the federal roads B19 and B29 connect Aalen in a north-south direction to the neighboring towns of Ellwangen and Heidenheim, and in an east-west direction to the neighboring towns of Nördlingen and Schwäbisch Gmünd. Due to this supra-regional road network, 96% of urban traffic consists of inland, originating and destination traffic.

The city is also well connected to regional rail traffic via Aalen main station and other stops in the city area. In addition, further expansion of the railway network within the city is planned. For example, the western part of the city with the new West railway station is to be developed even better in terms of mobility. Public transport in Aalen is operated by several transport companies. The city is also connected to several regional and supra-regional cycle paths and can therefore be easily reached by this means of transport.

The city of Aalen has developed the Traffic Development Plan/Mobility Concept 2030 for the planning of the future development of mobility. This plan clearly shows the typical traffic situations of a city with a relatively large area, which is largely determined by inland as well as source and destination traffic (e.g. low use of public transport in the city districts, clear utilization of roads at peak times by commuter traffic). For this reason, the Mobility Concept 2030 focuses, among other things, on expanding the cycle path network, promoting local public transport through greater digitization and networking and, for example, setting up intermodal mobility stations.

The mobility of the city of Aalen is to be made more sustainable and environmentally friendly in the future.

Modal Split

Year 2013


Transport Development Plan / Mobility Concept 2030




Contact person for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

Anja Brückner

Telephone: +49 7361 52 1315
Email: deanja.brueckneraalen
City website:http://www.aalen.de
Political representative: Thilo Rentschler, Lord Mayor

Participation in previous and current EU transport related projects

Status of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan exists. (Available only in GE)

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