Aiud, Romania

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city: 22,876

Land area

14 km2

Population density

1611 inhabitants/km2

Aiud is located along the national road DN1 and E81 at distance of 30 km from Alba Iulia (Alba county) and 37 km from the city of Turda (Cluj county). The total length of the road network of the City Aiud and surroundings is 86.83 km.
The municipal transport policy focuses on the following: preventing traffic congestion, creating a bypass for the city, full modernization of the main road network, the development of improved traffic management schemes that prioritize public transport, revaluation of the road network used by public transport and of the type of vehicles that use this network, promotion of non-motorized transport (cycling), promotion of less polluting vehicles.

Contact person for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

Claudia BRAN

Telephone: +40.720.008.004
Email: rotehnicaiud
City website:

Status of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

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