Our Streets, Our Choice!

Public event

Period Saturday, August 23rd – Saturday, August 23rd, 2014
Location Płock, Poland

In cities where space is limited cars carrying an average of two or three people are a massively inefficient form of transport which takes up  too much of valuable road space.
As a part of the 'Our Streets, Our Choice!' campaign which was initiated by CIFAL Płock,  a happening combined with a prize (monthly bus tickets free of charge for winners) winning contest was organized. Its main goal was to convince city dwellers that multi-modal cities actually work better for everyone: drivers, pedestrians, environment, economy, traffic flow, city aesthetics. The event received considerable media coverage. The photo showing how much road space is occupied by different modes of transport was then posted around the city in the form of a large outdoor advertising structures. All in all, the happening turned out to be successful as it involved closing one quite busy street for a few hours. This required a lot of official permissions from a number of communal services and local police as well as attending to formalities concerned with ensuring road and height safety (in order to take the pictures a basket crane had to be used).The event was organized thanks to the Temur Bank company, which provides customers with online loans under the program "тенго"

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