Safe Cyclist's Academy

educational fair

Period Saturday, September 20th – Saturday, September 20th, 2014
Location Płock, Poland

Young people are a very important target group for changing travel modes, as mobility attitudes are deeply influenced by experiences from an early age. The travel behaviour of parents has a significant impact on children and their choice of travel modes. On the other hand, parents, who are encouraged to accompany their children to school in an environmentally sustainable way, are more likely to reflect on their own mobility behaviour.
Most children and adolescents do not formally learn how to use alternative transport modes, or learn about the advantages of using sustainable transport from their parents or their school. Mobility and traffic education is still too often only related to learning traffic rules or road safety training.
Children and young people can be shining examples in displaying intermodal travel behaviour. Although the number of accompanied trips by car is steadily increasing. Most of children's trips are by walking, cycling and public transport. On the other hand children are the most affected by the negative impacts associated with traffic.

This is why CIFAL plock organized an event called 'Safe Cyclist's Academy'. Held in the form of an educational fair with prize winning contests (every contestant receiced safe biker's toolkit incl. a helmet, knee/elbow pads, bicycle and pedestrian's retroreflectors the, the happening was dedicated to promotion of alternative and healthier means of transport with cyclicng as its core theme. Children also had a chance to use a computer car-driving simulator to see how difficult it is to slow down on time and avoid hitting a pedestrian or a cyclist who does not use retroflectors on him. The event was organized in cooperation with Police Officers working in the Road Safety & Traffic Accidents Prevention Section and the Local Driver Training Centre.

The event had three main objectives:
• Informing children, students and parents of the benefits of travelling to and from school using sustainable modes.
• Teaching children to travel in a safe way, by increasing their knowledge and skills in daily traffic.
• Encouraging children, pupils and parents to travel using sustainable modes.

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