• Shared Mobility - 2nd world conference in Warsaw

    Warsaw - Poland

    All about: 

    • COVID-19: Impact on shared mobility

    • Future of mobility and sharing economy in cities

    • Shared mobility and accessibility

    • Public transit and shared mobility collaboration

    • Micro-mobility revolution: bike and scooter sharing

    • Shared mobility innovations

    • Shared Autonomous Vehicles

    • Insurance models for shared mobility

    • How shared mobility is changing car industry

    • Mobility as a service

    • Investments in shared mobility

    • Smartphone applications

    • Fleet management

  • VREF Conference on Urban Freight 2021

    Gotheburg - Sweden

    Urban freight and livable cities: Interaction between planning, design and business for scalable innovations


    Cascais - Portugal

    ECOMM is a global event, the true meeting place for everyone involved in mobility management and every year attracts between 300 and 400 experts. Throughout its 23 editions it has been placed in numerous countries and cities and Cascais, due to its pioneering and interest in this matter, was the place chosen to host the 24th edition.