Tools and Services of EPOMM – an Overview

Below are the most prominent Tools and Services of EPOMM, just click the “app”-buttons to directly go there. EPOMM develops and offers services as ordained by the EPOMM-Board (link) mostly to its member states, but also to any other organisations and institutions in these countries as well as to EU-projects.
Here a quick overview over the other tools and services

  • MaxExplorer is a simple interactive tool designed to help people who are not experts in Mobility Management in choosing the MM measures most appropriate to their specific problems.
  • MaxLupo is about the integrations of Land Use Planning with MM and is a whole set of helpful tools and material.
  • MaxQ is the Quality Management System for Mobility Management
  • MaxSumo is an evaluation method with which you can effectively plan, monitor and evaluate Mobility Management projects. It provides standardised guidance during all steps of your project.



324 users, 210 projects online.

EPOMMs' standard evaluation tool for MM-projects


Modal split data from 670 cities

The EPOMM Modal Split Tool, easy access to city modal split data on a European-wide scale.


Mobility Budget transfer to Belgium
EPOMM assists via NFPs

Tailor made support to import best practice and successfully apply it


Featured training: MM and Land Use Planning

EPOMM organises, arranges, supplies materials and checks quality.

SEE MC net

First European network of Mobility Centers – the SEE MC net

The main aim of SEE MC NET is to build up a europe-wide network of Mobility Centers.