It is an aim of EPOMM to spread the knowledge about Mobility Management. A main part of this is training on MM and on topics closely related to MM, such as Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). However, EPOMM is not a training institute. EPOMMs’ prime role in the field of training is the brokerage of training – arranging and organising trainings so they have the right format and reach the right audience.

Cooperation with EPOMM

To achieve the aim, EPOMM cooperates with various organisations:

  • with projects, that offer trainings, such as TRANSPORT LEARNING
  • with national platforms and the NFPs that help organising trainings on a national level
  • with training institutes that are interested in further developing their trainings and in reaching new audiences

Any organisation that likes to cooperate with EPOMM and is ready to operate according to the (few) rules that EPOMM sets, is welcome to contact EPOMM.

Quality label

EPOMM has established a Quality Label for trainings with which it aims to ensure a minimum standard for trainings. Any training about MM or related to MM can ask for this label. For details click here.