The EPOMM Training Quality label

With the Quality Label, EPOMM aims to ensures a minimum standard for trainings. Any training about MM or related to MM can ask for this label. The quality label shows the year in which the label has been awarded. It is possible to apply for an update of the label.

  • Why use the EPOMM Quality label?
  1. get recognition for your training by EPOMM
  2. raise awareness: EPOMM and national networks communicate about your event through website, calendar and e-update (link)
  3. leads to improvement of your training
  4. enables you to benchmark with other trainings
  • How to use and apply? It’s simple:
  1. provide EPOMM with information about your training (download application form here) including training materials
  2. if approved, EPOMM provides you a second package which includes:
            o    the Quality label logo
            o    instructions on the use of the Quality Label
            o    access to the EPOMM training database
  3. we want you to evaluate the training and to provide a certificate to the trainees
  4. then you should provide EPOMM with the evaluation results of your training (download results form here)

For commercially marketed trainings we can put training materials on a restricted access area, or, if you are not willing to supply the materials, we need a good description of your materials, so trainees can get a good idea about the content and size.