Best International Policy Transfer Award

It is one of the central aims of EPOMM to support exchange and learning on MM between European countries. For this reason, EPOMM has introduced the Best International Policy Transfer Award – that rewards the best policy transfer between different entities from different countries.


Award 2017

The award for 2017 will open in Autumn 2016!

The winners of the award (exporter and importer) will be invited to the ECOMM in Maastricht. Travel, accommodation and ECOMM delegate fee will be paid for up to a maximum of €1.000 per person. The award will be handed over in a ceremony at the ECOMM.


Award 2015

This year all three prize winner teams were high quality projects and the jury had a hard time selecting the winner. The winners 2015 are the cities of Groningen and Donostia/San-Sebastian for their comprehensive policy exchange on bicycle parking strategies within the TIDE project. The second place went to the Ecodriving training project of the Austrian Energy Agency and UNDP Russia that produced very clear results. The third prize went to the team of the two “Fietsberaads” – in which the Flemish Fietsberaad was modeled after its Dutch counterpart. As this was very new at the time of submission, no tangible results could be shown, however, it looks very promising for the future.

EPOMM President and winners at the ECOMM in Utrecht

Award 2014

The EPOMM award went to the cities of Munich in Germany and Almada in Portugal as well as the company AGENEAL for the very successful transfer of Munich’s Gscheid Mobil welcome package for new residents. This resulted in a New Residents Welcome Kit in Almada, which was accompanied by a welcome letter from the Lady Mayor of the city. As a result, new residents who received the kit showed a 13% increase in public transport use and a 6% decrease in car use. Thanks to the novelty of the campaign in Portugal, the project attracted a lot of media attention.


Award Winners AGENEAL, Almada, Munich

The winners at the award ceremony


Award 2012

The winner of the EPOMM award 2012 was the Travel Plan Plus project. The transfer concerned Local Travel Plan Networks. They were transfered successfully from existing networks in the UK and the USA to a business park in Cambridge (UK), Arlanda airport in Stockholm (SE), and industrial park in Bagnes (ES) and an network of schools in Györ (HU).

Award Ceremony Frankfurt 2012

The winners at the award ceremony

Second place: Transfer of public transport travel training for persons above 75 years – exporter were the public transport companies from Salzburg (A) and in and around Lens (FR).

Third place: a transfer of the Health Economic Assessment Tool for Cycling (HEAT) as instrument for strengthening links between mobility policies and health issues, with as exporter LEPT in the UK and as importer CERTU in France.

Award 2013

This year’s Award went to the MOBALB project on urban mobility management in Albania. The Flanders region supported the Municipality of Shkodra in Albania on the introduction and development of a mobility management policy. This was done with support of the Institute of Transport in Tirana. Nektar Duma from the municipality of Shkodra also did a presentation on the long-standing cycling culture in his city, the informal shared space rules that underlie the co-existence of cars and soft modes in the city, and the threats posed by the increased status and use of the car. Both Shkodra and The institute of Transport received a free participation and travel to this ECOMM.

The winners with the EPOMM President

Second place went to the Association Vélocampus in France as exporter, and UTravelActive in the United Kingdom as importer – for the transfer of a sophisticated Student Campus Bicycle Scheme.

Third place went to the public transport company of Funchal on the island Madeira in Portugal Horários do Funchal as exporter and Tallinn municipality in Estonia as importer – for the transfer of an Orienteering Competition on the bus.