International Programme Committee

The International Programm Committee (IPC) is selected by the EPOMM Board assisted by the EPOMM Coordinator. The IPC-members are volunteers from the EPOMM member states (two per country) from the host city (2) and from other European countries (1 per country). EPOMM is very grateful for their support.

Role and History


The IPC was established in 1997, before EPOMM, and consisted of experts of MM in Europe and North America, selected by the host city, as recommended by the former host city. They advised the organisers on the ECOMM and selected the papers to be presented. Meanwhile, EPOMM has taken up much of this function, but the IPC still plays an important role and is valuable as a rather informal expert network resource with considerable knowledge on MM developments in Europe.


The IPC experts advise EPOMM on the content of the ECOMM, recommend Keynote Speakers and Impulse Speakers, grade the submitted abstracts and, when the have time, join for a final IPC-meeting at the beginning of each year to finally select the papers and fix most of the details of the conference programme.


The members of the IPC 2015/2016 are:

From EPOMM-member states:
Iris Ehrnleitner Austria
Willy Raimund Austria
Sofie Walschap
Patrick Auwerx
Tytti Viinikainen Finland
Elsa Alexandre France  
Stéphane Chanut France
Matthias Knobloch Germany
Maurizio Tommasini
Lorenzo Bertuccio Italy
Rens Dautzenberg Netherlands
Mark Degenkamp Netherlands
Jorrit Nijhuis  Netherlands
Friso Metz Netherlands
Mari Svolsbru Norway
Tom Norbech Norway
Robert Stüssi Portugal
Jesper Johansson
Charlotta Palmlund

From other states:

Nektar Duma

Lucia Ilieva Bulgaria
Radomíra Jordová Czechia
Anette Enemark Denmark
Mari Jüssi Estonia
Ioannis Politis
John Porter Ireland
Kristina Gauce Lithuania
Marzena Trojanowska Poland
Ana Dragutescu Romania
Dana Sitanyiova Slovakia
Aljaz Plevnik Slovenia
Miguel Mateos Spain
Roberto De Tommasi Switzerland