19th ECOMM 2015 in Utrecht

The 19th European Conference on Mobility Management ECOMM 2015 has taken place in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from 20 to 22 May 2015.

The main topic of the conference was ‘Behaviour Change. Users orientation as the key to success'.

128 abstracts were submitted, of which about 50% were accepted by the International Programme Committee.

A good summary can be found in the EPOMM e-update with Highlights of the ECOMM 2015

Yopu can find direct access to photos and presentations at epomm.eu/ecomm2015

Utrecht Railway Station in 2018

The ultra modern Utrecht railway station (the most busy in the Netherlands) as it will look in 2018. It is currently being modernised and thus under construction and will host the largest bicycle parking of the world (link to video). It connects the old part of the city with a new, high-rise-part. The ECOMM will take place right next to it.