Presentations of the 2nd European Conference on SUMP

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Plenary Sessions

DEDU, SUMP City focus Bucharest
FRIPTU, Sustainable urban mobility planning in Romanian
HIRSH, Preparing SUMP for Bucharest and Ilfov
RADUCU, SUMPs Growth Poles Romania
RYE, SUMP for all cities
TENEA, Sustainable urban mobility planning in Romanian
MAES, EU Financial Instruments for Urban Mobility
PLEVNIK, SUMP Slovenian National Support
ROMMERTS, The Transport Challenge in Horizon2020
IONESCU, Cohesion policy support for sustainable urban mobility
POSCH, Epomm Endurance

All cities

A - PRIESTER, Transforming Transport Association to Mobility Network
A - SESSA, Poly SUMP Methodology and Experience
A - TELEPAK, Regional SUMP Vienna Schwechat
B - KOLBL, Ljutomer SUMP case study
B - PLEVNIK, Small cities Intro
C - FERNANDEZ, Value Capture
C - HARRIS, Making SUMPs affordable
C - WOLEK, Finances and Planning

All people

A - BROECK, Mind the gap
A - EKES, Mobility Poverty
A - NICOLA, Perspectives on mobility poverty Alba Iulia Region
A - RUPPRECHT, Intro Mobility Poverty
B - LINDENAU, Participation Introduction
B - MELLA, Pumas Venice
B - MERLE, Involving Citizens
B - PUGGARD, Case study Odense
C - GLOTZ - RICHTER, Case study Bremen
C - STASIO, Evidences from COMPASS project
C - STEPAN, SUMP Suceava

Planning techniques

A - BIDASCA, Road Safety as a key issue for Urban Roads across the EU
A - BLACK, Planning Techniques Intro
A - BROUWER - GRECU, Case studies data collection Timisoara Cluj Napoca
B - HITCHCOCK, European Urban Transport Roadmaps to 2030
B - SPEIRS, Why Modelling Matters
C - IANCU, Transport in SEAPs
C - JENSEN, SEAP Transport Guidelines