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Project overview and project results

Project Free bus Eindhoven / Gratis bus Eindhoven Duration 2007-01-01 to 2010-12-31
Customer (project initiator) show_help not available Location Eindhoven
Organisation show_help Municipality Einhoven, Hermes Total Budget show_help not known
Evaluation Design show_help One group before/after Target Group show_help not available
Type of Project show_help Municipality mobility plan Emission effect show_help not available
Links not available Downloads Gratis_OV_is_OK_.pdf

Overall Project Description show_help

Free bus for people over 65 and children under 12 (under supervision) after 9:00 in the morning, all day at weekends and July / August.


Gratis bus voor 65-plussers en kinderen tot 12 jaar (onder begeleiding) na 9:00 's-ochtends, hele dag in weekend en juli/augustus.

Description of the system effects show_help

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Project measures and effects

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Modal Split show_help
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Mileage Effect show_help
Long-term change of car usage: not available
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Emission effect (in total): not available
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The data of this project is insufficient for calculating the emission effect.
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Services, Mobility Options and Effects show_help
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  Number of people Target Group
Comment on the targets in level B-D:

B: Only 50% knew that the bus was free. / Slechts 50% wist dat de bus gratis was.

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Comment on the targets in level E-G:

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E: Bus passes for free bus trips: 35,000 for the elderly and for children 20,000. / Buspassen voor gratis busreizen: voor ouderen 35.000 en voor kinderen 20.000.

F: Increase in the number passengers on shopping days by 15% during peak periods.
Of these additional travelers, 50% would have gone by car as public transport would not have been free, while 25% would have gone by bike.
Use of free bus pass led to an increase of approximately 50% bus use: 1000-1400 additional bus trips per day.
Approximately 10% at the expense of cycle movements. Aproximately 50% of children and 25% of the elderly never uses the free bus pass. / Toename op koopdagen van het aantal passagiers met 15% tijdens de piekperioden.
Van deze extra reizigers zou 50% met de auto zijn gegaan als het OV niet gratis was geweest, terwijl 25% met de fiets zou zijn gegaan.
Gebruik van gratis buspas leidde tot toename busgebruik van ongeveer 50%: 1000- 1400 extra busritten per dag.
Ongeveer 10% ten koste van fietsverplaatsing.Circa 50% van de kinderen en 25% van de ouderen maakt nooit gebruik van de gratis buspas.

G: Almost all respondents are (very) positive about the offer. / Bijna alle geenqueteerden is (zeer) positief over het aanbod.
Description of reached system effects:

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External Factors show_help
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