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Project overview and project results

Project Experience the public transport - public transport-shoppingcard / Ervaar het OV OV-winkelkaart Duration 2009-05-01 to 2009-07-31
Customer (project initiator) show_help not available Location Gelderland
Organisation show_help provincie Gelderland, Stadsregio Arnhem-Nijmegen, Arriva, BBA Veluwe, Syntus, Novio/Hermes, Connexxi Total Budget show_help not known
Evaluation Design show_help One group before/after Target Group show_help not available
Type of Project show_help Company mobility plan Emission effect show_help not available
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Overall Project Description show_help

With the public transport- shoppingcard travelers traveling by public transport in Gelderland could travel n the off-peak l for €3. Wth the card they can get a discount f at five stores.
The card was valid on all buses in Gelderland and the Railroads Apeldoorn, Zutphen, Ede-Wagen Inge - Amersfoort, Arnhem - Winterswijk, Winterswijk - Zutphen, Zutphen - Oldenzaal and Tiel - Arnhem.

Description of the system effects show_help

H: The action led to a reduction of about 2,800 car trips.

Lessons Learned show_help

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Project measures and effects

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Modal Split show_help
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Mileage Effect show_help
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Emission effect show_help
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Services, Mobility Options and Effects show_help
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  Number of people Target Group
C. Usage 18000 %
Comment on the targets in level B-D:

B: One in five travelers who do not use the card knows the action exists.
Of the people who use the card 45% knows of the action through the website, 32% by house-to-house mailing 28% by familiie or acquaintances, 9% by posters and 2% by promotion teams. / Een op de vijf reizigers die het kaartje niet gebruikt kent de actie wel.
Van de mensen die de het kaartje gebruikt kent 45% de actie via de website, 32% door huis-aan-huis mailing 28% via familiie of kennissen, 9% door posters en 2% door promotieteams.

C: There were almost 18,000 tickets requested by nearly 11,000 people. / Er werden bijna 18.000 kaarten aangevraagd door bijna 11.000 mensen.

D: /
Comment on the targets in level E-G:

E0: Go shopping by public transport instead of taking the car. / Met het openbaar vervoer winkelen in plaats van met de auto.

E: /

F: 59% of travelers with the card were new users. 28% would have had made ​​the trip by car, 1% by bicycle and 30% had not made ​​the trip otherwise.
80% of users travel at most twice a month by public transport and almost half of the applicants are traveling less than once a month with the public transport. / 59% van de reizigers met het kaartje betrof nieuwe gebruikers. 28% had de reis anders met de auto gemaakt, 1% met de fiets en 30% had de reis anders niet gemaakt.
Van de gebruikers reist 80% hooguit twee keer per maand met het OV en bijna de helft van de aanvragers reist minder dan een keer per maand met het OV.

G: The discount in the stores is given by 53% as a reason to use the card.
87% of respondents believe that urban centers are more accessible thanks to initiatives such as the shoppingticket. 935% indicates that the action contributes to a reduction of the parkingproblems. / De korting bij de winkelketens wordt door 53% genoemd als reden om gebruik te maken van het kaartje.
87% van de respondenten is van mening dat stadscentra dankzij initiatieven als het Winkelkaartje beter bereikbaar zijn. 935% geeft aan dat de actie bijdraagt aan een vermindering van de parkeerproblemen.
Description of reached system effects:

H: The action led to a reduction of about 2,800 car trips.

Services Provided show_help
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External Factors show_help
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