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Project overview and project results

Project Pariez sur le Vélo - phase I PREDIT4GO3 Duration 2010-10-14 to 2011-03-22
Customer (project initiator) show_help Greater Lyon authority - mission temps et services Location Greater Lyon, Vallée de la Chimie
Organisation show_help Greater Lyon authority Total Budget show_help € 216,000
Evaluation Design show_help One group before/after Target Group show_help 20 persons
Type of Project show_help Single measure(s) Emission effect show_help -0.10 tons of CO2 per year
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Overall Project Description show_help

This research considers key success factors to introduce new mobility services in suburban business areas and make recommendations for designing, testing and evaluating specific mobility management initiatives developed in large employment areas.
It does this by a pilot project to promote bicycle commuting which is actually running in two suburban industrial areas located in edge-city of Lyon.

Description of the system effects show_help

No description of system effects has been defined for this project.

Lessons Learned show_help

No description of lesson(s) learned has been defined for this project.

Project measures and effects

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Modal Split show_help
Change of car-users: 0%
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  Target (%) Before (%) After (%) Long-term (%)
Car driver 47 47
Car passenger 6 6
Walking 6 (+6)
Cycling 12 6 75 (+69) 6
Bus 10 10
Train/tram/metro 25 25 25
Motorcycle/Scooter 6
Zero-emissions vehicle
Mileage Effect show_help
Long-term change of car usage: 0 km/year
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  Before (km) After (km) Long-term (km)
Car driver 10 44,180 44,180
Car passenger 10 5,640 5,640
Walking 1,128 (+1,128)
Cycling 1,692 35,250 (+33,558) 2,256 (+564)
Bus 12,220 12,220
Train/tram/metro 117,500 117,500 117,500
Motorcycle/Scooter 1,128
Zero-emissions vehicle
Emission effect show_help
Emission effect (in total): -0.10 tons of CO2 per year
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  tons of CO2 per year
Car driver 0
Car passenger 0
Walking 0
Cycling 0
Bus 0
Train/tram/metro 0
Motorcycle/Scooter 0
Zero-emissions vehicle 0
Total Effect 0

Note: These figures are adjusted according to control/comparison group results.

Project Promotion Activity show_help
9 occasions
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Meetings/verbal information occassions Date Description Number
  2010-09-27 1st meeting at Feyzin municipality, briefing on trial project "Pariez sur le v 5
Distributed materials (leaflets, brochures etc) Date Description Number
  2010-09-20 39 x 2 times emails sent to the organisations referent
  2010-09-27 leaflets 1000
  2010-09-27 posters distributed to organisations advertising the trial project 20
  2010-10-14 Posters on bicycle lockers facility at railway stations 20
Advertisements in internal and external media Date Description Number
  2010-09-27 Service provider,
  2010-10-14 Feyzin municipality website
  2010-10-14 Posters on bicycle lockers facility at railway stations 50
Articles in internal and external media, including press releases Date Description Number
  2010-11-30 Press release - Greater Lyon
Services, Mobility Options and Effects show_help
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  Number of people Target Group
B. Awareness 17 85%
C. Usage 16 80%
D. Satisfaction with services 6 30%
E. Acceptance 16 80%
F. Take up of mobility options offered 16 80%
G. Satisfaction with mobility options offered 12 60%
H. Long-term attitudes and behaviour 4 20%
Services Provided show_help
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Overall Targets show_help
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No Data has been specified here.
External Factors show_help
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No Data has been specified here.