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Project overview and project results

Project MP of INFICON AG Duration 2002-01-01 to 2007-12-31
Customer (project initiator) show_help not available Location Balzers
Organisation show_help Inficon AG Total Budget show_help not known
Evaluation Design show_help One group before/after Target Group show_help 225 persons
Type of Project show_help Company mobility plan Emission effect show_help 11.00 tons of CO2 per year
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Overall Project Description show_help

Description of the system effects show_help

No description of system effects has been defined for this project.

Lessons Learned show_help

No description of lesson(s) learned has been defined for this project.

Project measures and effects

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Modal Split show_help
Change of car-users: -7%
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  Target (%) Before (%) After (%) Long-term (%)
Car driver 56 44 (-12)
Car passenger 5 (+5)
Walking 3 3
Cycling 10 10
Bus 12 16 (+4)
Train/tram/metro 12 16 (+4)
Motorcycle/Scooter 7 6 (-1)
Zero-emissions vehicle
Mileage Effect show_help
Long-term change of car usage: +16,560 km/year
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  Before (km) After (km) Long-term (km)
Car driver 6 347,760 364,320 (+16,560)
Car passenger 6 41,400 (+41,400)
Walking 6,210 12,420 (+6,210)
Cycling 41,400 62,100 (+20,700)
Bus 62,100 115,920 (+53,820)
Train/tram/metro 74,520 132,480 (+57,960)
Motorcycle/Scooter 43,470 49,680 (+6,210)
Zero-emissions vehicle
Emission effect show_help
Emission effect (in total): 11.00 tons of CO2 per year
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The data of this project is insufficient for calculating the emission effect.
Project Promotion Activity show_help
6 occasions
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Meetings/verbal information occassions Date Description Number
  Bicycle Repair Day (annual) 9
  Bicycle Helmet Action (annual): each employee with a helmet receive CHF 30 (approx. 22 7
  Bicycle Safety Course: by Pro Velo Switzerland 7
Other Date Description Number
  Monthly Raffle of CHF 100 (approx. 73
  Yearly Raffle for Top Members having used maximum 4 day-parking spaces
  Mobility Jackpot during a four week period each year, CHF 50 (approx. 36
Services, Mobility Options and Effects show_help
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  Number of people Target Group
B. Awareness 225 100%
C. Usage 135 60%
D. Satisfaction with services 112 50%
E. Acceptance 142 63%
F. Take up of mobility options offered 135 60%
G. Satisfaction with mobility options offered 112 50%
H. Long-term attitudes and behaviour 30 13%
Services Provided show_help
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No Data has been specified here.
Overall Targets show_help
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No Data has been specified here.
External Factors show_help
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