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Project overview and project results

Project WTP of Meadowhall Shopping Centre Duration 2007-01-01 to 2008-12-31
Customer (project initiator) show_help not available Location Sheffield
Organisation show_help Meadowhall Shopping Centre Total Budget show_help not known
Evaluation Design show_help One group before/after Target Group show_help 7,000 persons
Type of Project show_help Company mobility plan Emission effect show_help -1,518.40 tons of CO2 per year
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Overall Project Description show_help

Description of the system effects show_help

No description of system effects has been defined for this project.

Lessons Learned show_help

No description of lesson(s) learned has been defined for this project.

Project measures and effects

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Modal Split show_help
Change of car-users: -32.7%
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  Target (%) Before (%) After (%) Long-term (%)
Car driver 52.2 20 (-32.2)
Car passenger 16.5 16 (-0.5)
Walking 3 3
Cycling 3 4 (+1)
Bus 12 30 (+18)
Train/tram/metro 12.5 25 (+12.5)
Motorcycle/Scooter 0.8 2 (+1.2)
Zero-emissions vehicle
Mileage Effect show_help
Long-term change of car usage: -14,831,320 km/year
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  Before (km) After (km) Long-term (km)
Car driver 14 24,043,320 9,212,000 (-14,831,320)
Car passenger 14 7,599,900 7,369,600 (-230,300)
Walking 296,100 296,100
Cycling 394,800 526,400 (+131,600)
Bus 4,737,600 11,844,000 (+7,106,400)
Train/tram/metro 6,580,000 13,160,000 (+6,580,000)
Motorcycle/Scooter 263,200 658,000 (+394,800)
Zero-emissions vehicle
Emission effect show_help
Emission effect (in total): -1,518.40 tons of CO2 per year
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The data of this project is insufficient for calculating the emission effect.
Project Promotion Activity show_help
9 occasions
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Meetings/verbal information occassions Date Description Number
  "Bike Safe"-Training 10
  Additional support for travel on "Boxing Day 2007" 154
Distributed materials (leaflets, brochures etc) Date Description Number
  "Car Quit Kit" (inc. car air fresher and free PT ticket) 50
  "Christmas time-tables information" 200
Other Date Description Number
  "The Travel Service Network" 3500
  "Personal Journey Plan" (inc. free PT ticket) 400
  Joining the "Car-share database" 16
  "Bike User Group (BUG-ME)" 30
  Volunteer "Car Park Patrols" 15
Services, Mobility Options and Effects show_help
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  Number of people Target Group
B. Awareness 7000 100%
C. Usage 6860 98%
D. Satisfaction with services 6685 96%
E. Acceptance 6860 98%
F. Take up of mobility options offered 6685 96%
G. Satisfaction with mobility options offered 5000 71%
H. Long-term attitudes and behaviour 4578 65%
Services Provided show_help
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No Data has been specified here.
Overall Targets show_help
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No Data has been specified here.
External Factors show_help
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No Data has been specified here.