MaxEva: Building up knowledge

MaxEva is an interactive database, which provides you a resource to benchmark your achievements. Using MaxEva gives you an overview of the obtained results of your project. You can also compare the results of your own project with projects implemented elsewhere in Europe that have used the same evaluation method.

Over time, MaxEva will accumulate data from a large number of Mobility Management interventions. MaxEva will then offer reliable information on efficient measures and services in a variety of contexts.

If you have used MaxSumo for monitoring and evaluation you can easily add your results into the MaxEva database, as the MaxEva structure follows the MaxSumo structure. In MaxSumo the complex process of behavioural change breaks down into smaller steps that can be monitored and evaluated successively.
The MaxEva web tool and the underlying database fields reflect these different MaxSumo levels and sub-levels. So, when you successively enter your data in the database by the use of boxes and tables, MaxEva guides you to collect data according to MaxSumo and thus helps you whenever you are planning, monitoring and evaluating a Mobility Management project.

The output of the database consists of results obtained on the same assessment levels as used by MaxSumo. MaxEva also calculates exhaust emissions using default values on the use of fuel etc. To facilitate comparisons with other projects, the effects and results, e.g. on yearly reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, can be listed for a specific type of measure you can select.