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Mobility management in tourism, leisure and recreation

The start of the summer feels like a buzz as it has such a great influence on the mobility in urban areas. Many persons leave for vacation, many of those by plane, generating business but also posing accessibility problems for airports - see for example in London Gatwick. Some places that are not much visited in winter have their peak traffic in summer, see for example the article on the Veluwe in the Netherlands. Cycling is more popular in summer than in winter - and very often recreational cycling is a good start to generally improve the cycling situation in cities. Paris is going for it with the largest cycle-rental project ever started, as well as London with a strong pro cycling policy (see article below).

If you google "mobility management and tourism" - you get 40.000 hits and have a hard time finding something useful. So we provide you with some useful links from the EPOMM-website:
  • All case studies found under the term tourism
  • Projects:
  • Presentations around tourism and recreation from past ECOMMS:
    • A more customer-friendly way of operating railway stations in rural areas that helps to attract new passengers (download)
    • "MobiHarz": Integrated mobility management and services for visitors (download)
    • Swiss applications of promoting sustainable recreational traffic (download)
    • Sustainable Tourism: Travel Groups and Intervention Strategies (download)
    • A strategy from the UK National Trust to encourage car free leisure (download)
We hope that these examples might inspire you to start new mobility management measures in your country to tackle recreational and leisure transport. We invite your country to join EPOMM so to jointly seek sustainable solutions.


Restrictive measures work in the Veluwe

Just as the average European citizen, also Dutch people have less spare time due to higher job participation of women, while on the other hand they have more money to spend on high quality leisure time. Walking and cycling in nature has become an increasingly important leisure activity. The national park 'Veluwe woods' in the Netherlands is an ideal location to relax and enjoy the environment. Within the European INTERREG project 'Boundless Park, Naturally!' the gateways of several main entries of the Veluwe woods have been part of the investigation for more sustainable entrances.
The demonstration and investments in the Veluwe woods show that tourist flows visiting the national parks by car and preserving the woodland can be easily reconciled.
At several main entries of the Veluwe woods special parking facilities have been built. They are situated at places where visitors cannot harm the most vulnerable natural elements. Around the parking lots some attractions have been developed, like visitor centres, watch towers and dedicated routes for children and disabled, which turns them into attractive places for mass tourism. Near the town of Rheden there was no political support make the tourist route to the Posbank natural site car free. Instead it was decided to restructure an intersection guiding tourists to a new parking which now is the new entry to the site. This resulted in a substantial reduction of traffic. Even without restrictive measures, it was possible to conduct visitors to sites without negative impacts for the woodland. More in depth information can be read in the factsheet of Rheden Veluwe Visitor Centre.
For more information we refer to the BPN website where you can find all contact details.


Bike tours throughout Spain

Based in Madrid, the company 'Bike Spain' provides bicycle lovers with the opportunity to explore Spain by bike, offering guided and tailor made tours around the Spanish geography. Bike Spain's offers range from one week tours combining rural and urban cycling (including accommodation, restaurants, luggage transfers, detailed documentation and assistance at any time), to one day city tours. For those not owning a bike, Bike Spain also offers the opportunity to rent a bike from their own fleet. Finally, Bike Spain helps bikers organising their holidays by providing guidance on hotels around Spain focused on cyclists.
Within the IEE ASTUTE project, the city of Granada is developing a set of mobility management measures to promote cycling and walking for the important tourist sector. The results of the implementation of measures will be available on the ASTUTE website and spread via EPOMM.


Travelling from door to door (France)

The organisation FUBicy is the French users association for cyclists. On their website a lot of information can be found on cycling in France. Although the website is in French, tourists are welcomed in English to convince them of travelling by bike and train through France.
Door to door travelling and intermodality is still underdeveloped in France, however the information provided on FUBicy helps tourists from France and other countries to find the best solution. Timetable information and booking services are available on the website or via telephone operators.
FUBicy helps you in organising your trip by documenting timetables and providing information on bicycle stations. As it is mentioned on their pages, travelling by bike and train provides not only flexibility but the freedom of cycling from door to door and enjoying the comfort of trains for the long distances.


More people cycling more often!

This year's Bike Week (16-24 June) in the UK was the biggest since the Millennium Festival of Cycling! 1,247 local organisers registered at the website to promote 1,750 events, including 297 for Bike2Work. The number of cyclists has increased with 83% over the last year in London. Also this summer with the start of the Tour de France in London a lot of tourists visited the capital city. Despite the extremely bad weather of the last month cycling is being promoted in all London boroughs. Special cycling maps have been developed and are freely accessible on the internet or in tourist information centres. To promote cycling this summer as a recreational activity free cycling training for residents are organised in several boroughs.
London clearly has drawn the card of cycling and is promoting it as a recreational and healthy alternative. More information on cycling the UK capital can be found on the website of Transport for London.


NEWS from related projects

ELTIS offers Case Studies in Polish, Hungarian and Chinese language
Our sister site ELTIS focuses also on new member countries and beyond and therefore offers case studies in these languages. Search Europe's number one portal here. During summer/autum 2007 case studies will also be translated into Czech, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatic and Turkish.

MAX updated state of the art downloads
In our last newsletter the link to the MAX research project provided slightly outdated State of the Art reports. Here is the download link with the now corrected versions.


Talked about…

"London is a fantastic city to cycle around - it's pretty flat, usually dry and there are lots of signed cycle routes on quiet roads that make cycling in the Capital a real joy" Bradley Wiggins - British Olympic medal winner and Tour de France competitor - Tour de France depart


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