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BiciBus – an Innovative Alternative to the Car, Reggio Emilia, Italy eltis
Alessandro Meggiato,

last update October/2011
Several years ago, a survey showed that two thirds of all children in Reggio Emilia were brought to school by car. To reduce this number and to encourage students, parents and teachers to cycle to school, the municipality initiated the BiciBus.

Mobility management for older people at the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg in Cologne, Germany eltis
Theo Jansen,
last update May/2011
The Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg (VRS) supports municipalities in establishing a systematic mobility management. The network of road safety in cities, towns and local authorities helps its members to achieve a coordinated strategy and implement new measures to support independent and sustainable mobility.

Kolla - the accessible-to-all public transport system, Göteborg, Sweden eltis
Rödsta Eva ,
last update May/2011
The City of Göteborg has developed a project to transform the public transport system into one that is accessible to all. The project is known as Kolla and started in 2004 after a study was conducted to examine how people with mobility difficulties can use public transport in an easier and less costly way.

Train the Trainer in Frankfurt/Main, Germany eltis
Johannes Theißen,
last update May/2011
The “Seniors Train Seniors” (STS) project is run by traffiQ, the local Public Transport Authority of the City of Frankfurt in Germany. The core idea is to involve a relevant number of older people in Frankfurt in a peer-to-peer public transport promotion campaign. Older frequent users of public transport receive two days training on public transport issues. After completing the training, the trainers start to organise workshops of approx. 90 minutes in duration where they provide their peers with useful information on how to use public transport.

Travel Training for Older People in Manchester, UK eltis
Stuart Murray,
last update May/2011
In order to give older people the confidence to use public transport for days out, shopping or appointments, the Manchester-based organisation Age Concern and the Greater Manchester Public Transport Executive (GMPTE) have established a project to provide travel training for older people.

Public transport ambassadors in Breda, Netherlands eltis
Johan Janse,
last update May/2011
The PT ambassadors (“OV ambassadeurs” in Dutch) is a project of the Province of Zeeland which forms part of a series of 10-12 pilot projects to improve public transport in this rural region. The objectives are to make older people familiar with public transport and increase patronage, but also to prevent people from becoming inactive and isolated.

Cologne's ‘Traffic Calendar’, Germany eltis
Thomas Weil,
last update February/2011
The City of Cologne has re-launched the online information service Koelner Verkehrskalender (Traffic Calendar). The platform provides information to people about current traffic conditions/route disruptions/construction projects, as well as advice on possibilities to use alternative modes to avoid delays, making travelling within Cologne easier for all people.

“Cycle and Win” rewards cycling in the Netherlands eltis
van Boggelen Otto,
last update February/2011
Fietsberaad, the knowledge centre on cycling management in the Netherlands, has developed a reward system, Fiets-en-Win (Cycle and Win), as a new marketing tool to encourage the use of the bicycle. Cyclists who use a free guarded bicycle shed in the cities of Apeldoorn or Eindhoven, can win prizes. Other municipalities or provinces are encouraged to implement this system too.

The ‘Scrap Bicycle Arts’ Project in Rostock (Germany) eltis
Ilona Hartmann,

last update April/2011
Every year the Office for Environment Protection in Rostock collects broken and abandoned bicycles for overhaul and rebuild. However, some of these bicycles are just too decrepit to use again. In 2010, a new project, ‘Scrap bicycle arts’ started to use these ‘un-repairable’ scrap bicycles by organising a competition to turn these scrap bicycles into art.

PatenTicket: Peer-to-Peer Marketing of Public Transport to Older People in Cologne, Germany eltis
Birgit Kasper,
last update February/2011
In 2008, 117 older public transport season ticket holders in Cologne received a free 3-month ticket to give to a friend or relative who was a non-frequent PT user. The season ticket holders received training from the PT operator and then for 3 months showed their chosen peer the benefits of public transport and supported them with information and advice as they travelled together, developing new transportation habits.