What is Mobility Management            
The Services of Mobility Management



do not require large investments in relation to its positive consequences

Convincing people to make other travel choices requires more than a rational approach. It must take into account people’s differing needs and expectations. As such, a number of services have been developed under MM.
The services are adapted to the particular needs and demands of the clients and support them in their interaction with the target groups.

The services of MM are usually based on information, advice and consulting as well as organisation and co-ordination. Additionally, MM supports its clients to offer particular products and services and to provide easy access to mobility services for the users. In general, the services of MM contribute to a change in awareness and education towards a sustainable mobility.
According to this, 6 types of services are distinguished as follows: information & advice, consultation, organisation & coordination, products & services, sales & reservation, awareness & education.

It is important to mention, that in comparison to investments for changes in infrastructure and hardware of transport organisation and carriers, investments for MM services are not as large. Experience shows, that an effective reduction in kilometres travelled by car through such services do not necessarily require large investments. The introduction of so-called green "commuter plans" or "company transport plans", for example, can significantly contribute to resolving commuter traffic problems - this benefits the employer, the employee and the wider community as well. This explains the important role of services in MM.