What is EPOMM?



EPOMM is the European Platform on Mobility Management, a network of governments in European countries that are engaged in Mobility Management (MM). They are represented by the Ministries that are responsible for MM in their countries. EPOMM is organised as an international non profit organisation with seat in Brussels.

The main aims of EPOMM are:
  • To promote and further develop Mobility Management in Europe
  • To support active information exchange and learning on Mobility Management between European countries

The main tools to achieve this are:
  • This website containing the most updated and most in depth information on MM available
  • A monthly e-news providing actual highlights, mainly from the EPOMM member states
  • The renowned yearly European Conference on Mobility Management (ECOMM), taking place every year in a city in an EPOMM member state
  • The so called National Focal Points (NFP), the national networks (or persons responsible to prepare the start-up of such networks). They help the interchange between the European level and the national level.
  • Workshops organised by EPOMM. Most prominent are the NFP-Workshops that take place twice a year, hosted by the member countries and featuring information exchange on MM-aspects and MM-implementation. Other workshops are organised on demand.
  • EU-relations: EPOMM has regular meetings with representatives from the Commission and the European Parliament, and is also actively engaged in EU-projects to support the spread of MM.
  • Project Networking: EPOMM aims to maintain contact with all European Projects researching or promoting MM, such as CIVITAS, PIMMS, ASTUTE, MAX, etc. As such, it has prime access to the project results and information.
  • EPOMM maintains a (virtual) Secretariat, which is a contact point to get information in person.

With this array of tools EPOMM sets the Agenda for MM in Europe and can create a number of benefits for its members.

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