What is Mobility Management            
The Mobility Center



concentrates all services and gives Mobility Management a public face

A Mobility Centre is the operating unit at the urban/regional level, where Mobility Services are initiated, organised and provided. The establishment of a Mobility Centre is an important milestone and serves as a crystallisation point for Mobility Management.

There are two basics for a Mobility Centre:

  • a multi-modal approach in the provision of services
  • individual access for the public via personal visit, phone, fax, e-mail, information terminals or online services

A Mobility Centre concentrates all services and thus serves as a platform - a place for communication and exchange. Its presence can give Mobility Management a public face and, thus, promote its presence in the transport marketplace.

The structure of a Mobility Centre will vary according to needs and resources. It can be organised and financed by transport providers or jointly with local authorities and private initiatives. However, a Mobility Centre is more than only information about local public transport and ticket sales (see services): its objective should be to serve the clients as adequate and detailed as possible, from providing information until finally putting forward a reservation.
A city-wide Mobility Centre should be located in a central location for easy access, but decentralised ones and branch offices can be closer to target groups or sites.

Besides permanent Mobility Centres there can be temporary or mobile ones for special demands and events.