NI Greece: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh)

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) is the largest University in Greece. It comprises 50 departments among which the Civil Engineering Department. Transport and Construction Management Section, is an academic unit in this department providing teaching and research activities. The Section comprises 19 members of academic staff and another 10 members of administrative and technical support staff. It provides 9 transport related courses to Civil Engineering students at the undergraduate level and another 18 transport related courses at the postgraduate level. Some 6-8 students are admitted annually for postgraduate studies leading to Ph.D degree. Among the courses and the doctoral theses, several pertain to mobility management issues.

Transport Section has an outstanding record in EU research projects as well as in national research projects and studies. Since 1992, the Section has undertaken more than 200 projects dealing with all transport related areas including Mobility Management, Travel Behaviour, Road Safety, Transport Telematics, Public Transport, Environmental Assessment, Transport Planning, Traffic Simulation, Feasibility Studies, Freight Transport, Rail Transport, Air Transport, Maritime Transport, Transport Economics and Transport Policy. It has also participated in organizing numerous events such as International / national conferences, seminars, workshops and other dissemination activities.

The most relevant projects to Mobility Management and Sustainable Transport include CAMPARIE (Campaigns for Awareness using Media and Publicity to assess the responses of individuals-AUTH was coordinator), GUIDEMAPS (Gaining Understanding of Improved DEcision Making And Participating Strategies), TAPESTRY (Travel Awareness Publicity and Education Supporting a Sustainable Transport Strategy in Europe) PORTAL (Promotion Of Results in Transport Research And Learning) and the recently completed MAX project (Successful Travel Awareness Campaigns-Mobility Management Strategies).

During these years AUTh has established an extended network of contacts with other educational institutions as well as local and regional administrative bodies and local officials that have Mobility Management measures implementation in their jurisdiction. AUTh is planning to deploy this network during EPOMM-PLUS, in an effort to enrich University curricula with innovative ideas from MM and promote Mobility Management among local decision making officials.

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