NFP Portugal: IMT - Institute for Mobility and Transport

The Portuguese National Focal Point is the Institute for Mobility and Transport (IMT, I.P.)

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The Institute for Mobility and Transport is a public institute integrated in the indirect State administration, endowed with administrative and financial autonomy and its own assets. The IMT, I.P. is a central body with jurisdiction over the entire national territory.

The IMT, I.P. acts on matters related to the Ministries of Internal Affairs, Planning and Infrastructure, Environment, and Sea, under the supervision and authority of the Minister of Planning and Infrastructure.

The mission of IMT, IP, is to perform the functions of technical regulations, licensing, coordination, supervision and planning in the area of inland and inland waterway transport and related infrastructures, as well as in the economic sector of commercial ports and maritime transport. It is also responsible for the management of concession contracts granted by the State in those sectors in order to meet the mobility needs of people and goods.

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Permanent representative

Rui Velasco Martins

Director of the Studies, Evaluation and Prospective Service | DSEAP


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Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes, I.P.

Av. Elias Garcia, 103   1050-098 LISBOA (Portugal)

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