NFP United Kingdom: ACT Travelwise

The ACT TravelWise Association will facilitate the majority of dissemination activities in the UK. ACT TravelWise is a membership organisation funded by public and private sector organisations from across the UK.
Its mission is to support its members in their work to promote sustainable travel through provision of first-class learning opportunities, partnership working, marketing support and networking events, all with a specific focus on building expertise and experience in travel planning and other cost-effective transport demand management (TDM) measures.
ACT TravelWise helps Mobility Management in the UK with the following activities:

  • Working groups doing research on various topics
  • Lobbying all Governments
  • Networking by collecting and disseminating best practise examples and contacts with experts
  • Dissemination through their website, newsletters, monthly bulletin and an annual conference
  • Activities of regional groups
  • Organisation of the ACT TravelWise awards


The Chairman of the ACT TravelWise Association is
Alex Veitch
EU Representative for the Rail Delivery Group

The representative for ACT Travelwise in EPOMM is
Marcus Enoch
Senior Lecturer in Transport Studies
School of Civil and Building Engineering
Loughborough University

For more information contact:
+44 (0) 208 144 7366

or visit...

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For many years, the London European Partnership for Transport was the National Focal Point for EPOMM in the UK. It has now been taken up by ACT TravelWise.


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