11th ECOMM in Lund 2007

130 delegates from Sweden, 170 other delegates from 26 other countries attended a very interesting conference - containing 22 Seminars with 56 presentations, several excursions, a lecture on mobility management, for the first time a scenario workshop and a session on the state of the art of mobility management.

An overview of the most relevant plenary presentations:

  • Professor John Whitelegg provided his vision of the role of MM in the 21st century and ensuing research needs from a global mobility trends perspective.
  • Peder Jensen presented the viewpoint of the European Environment Agency.
  • Päivi Elmkvist, the local organisator, presented the advanced state of mobility management in Lund.
  • Muriel Hugosson showed the newest results on the Stockholm congestion charging scheme.
  • In the final session, Hans Kramer and Karl-Heinz Posch presented the ambitious programme of EPOMM - partly resulting from preceding workshops at the ECOMM.
  • Christer Ljungbergs made a great summary presentation of the conference.