12th ECOMM in London 2008

The ECOMM 2008 was hosted by London - one of the showcases of mobility management in Europe. Mobility management is now firmly embedded in transport policy in London. It has a vital role in the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy, and is prevalent in the work delivered by the 33 separate municipalities (boroughs) that make up Greater London and represent the 7.5 million people that live in the Capital. Specific targets are set by this strategy, which include increasing Cycling by 80% between 2001 and 2011 and reducing congestion.

To achieve these goals, Transport for London (TfL) are devoting an unprecedented level of resource to delivering projects on a local and regional level under the banner of Travel Demand Management. This includes promoting and implementing personal, residential, workplace and school travel plans, travel awareness campaigns, car clubs and car pooling schemes as well as developing guidelines to increase the quality and effectiveness of delivery.
Cities can achieve considerable improvements to CO2 emissions by adopting progressive mobility management policies, and there are already a wide range of measures being implemented across Europe and beyond.

This is why the theme for ECOMM2008 was Travel Demand Management - Tackling Climate Change.