20th anniversary - ECOMM 2016 in Athens

The 20th European Conference on Mobility Management - ECOMM 2016 - took place in Athens, Greece, from 1st to 3rd June 2016. The conference which was organized by the Universities of Thessaloniki and Piraeus, was under the aegis of the Greek Ministry of Planning and Energy, the City of Athens and General Secretarial for Transport. In the event some 320 participants were present coming from 23 countries.

The main topic of the conference was: ‘Smart Solutions for People and Cities’. In total 146 presentations were submitted, of which 121 were accepted by the International Programme Committee. The presenters represented 21 countries from Europe and elsewhere.

The 20th ECOMM offered a very good chance to look at the progress achieved during the past 20 years in Mobility Management as well as to look into future challenges and possible solutions. The conference covered 9 topics falling in 5 breeder thematic areas. Both methodological issues and applications were presented by the authors. The audience had the chance to listen to 4 keynote speakers from Europe and the United States who spoke about the future of mobility and more specifically about sharing economy, Mobility as a Service, the importance of SUMPs and electrification and the integration of Mobility Management and Land Use planning for livable cities.