EU - Mobility Management Monitor (EU-MMM)

Here you find a comparative analysis of all Mobility Management Monitors, for the years 2011, 2010 and 2009. These are reports about the State of the Art of Mobility Management in up to 26 countries of Europe – they were made by the local partners in the framework of the EPOMM-PLUS-project.

The EU-MMM highlights special developments and similarities to provide a better understanding on where MM stands currently, how it developed over the years and where it tends to go.
Each year the EU MMM contains a focus on a different theme.

  • 2010: The focus was Measures of Mobility Management. Download the 2010 EU MMM here
  • 2011: The focus was Funding and Financing. Download the 2011 EU MMM here
  • 2012: Download the 2012 EU MMM here