Despite all challenges, the ECOMM 2021 successfully took place online with over 200 participants. Please find all ECOMM 2021 presentations here:https://www.ecomm2021.com/vod/ecomm-2021.

UPDATE: Due to the ongoing pandemic challenges, the Municipality of Cascais has canceled all indoor events until the end of this year. But the ECOMM 2021 host is still driven by the strong wish to showcase the innovative projects, ideas and solutions, that have been submitted for a presentation on-site.

Dive into the world of creative and sustainable ideas for:


on 24 - 25 November, online from Cascais / Portugal

More than ever, the goal of achieving sustainable transport modes putting users first and providing them with more affordable, accessible, healthier, and cleaner alternatives to their current mobility habits and patterns. Automated and connected multimodal mobility must play an increasing role, together with smart traffic management systems offered by digitalization. On the other hand, it is crucial to think and plan the cities, in order to ensure the essential services and proximity functions, equipment, and identity, while simultaneously creating spaces that are adjustable and flexible to support fast changes.

How to ensure affordability, accessibility and safety for all? Which strategies must be employed to reduce the need to travel? How to implement mobility hubs to induce co-mobility and shared mobility, integrating several modes of transport as well as creating urban spaces and greener environments? How to afford Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems?

Considering the necessary deep changes in economy, society, policy, environment and technology, our future depends on the lessons we will learn from the moment we are living today and ECOMM 2021 wants to actively encourage the discussion and exchange on the Beginning of a New Era at European level.
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Presentations at ECOMM 2021 should refer to one of the following topics, all related to the main theme of the conference “”Beginning a New Era - Accelerating Shifting to Sustainable Mobility”

1 - Beginning a New Era - Accelerating shifting to Sustainable Mobility 

2 - Mobility Avoidance: A New Mobility rebuilt from the Ground Zero

3 - Resilient Territories - Speeding the Implementation of new Decisions 

4 – Mobility Management Policies to promote Universal Access

5 – Tomorrow’s Mobility Perspectives

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JOIN US ONLINE ON 24 - 25 November 2021!


And do not miss to visit beautiful Cascais - where the land ends and the sea begins - on one of your next trips!

cascais beachesCascais has a 30 km coastline, including beaches of wild nature and other more urban ones, in a scenario of glamor that combines the blue of the Atlantic Ocean with the green of the Serra de Sintra

From the beach of Carcavelos (one of the first international surfing destinations) to the wild dunes of Guincho, a rugged coastline with steep and high cliffs, interspersed by the bay of Cascais and its welcoming beaches, bestow the coast a touch of glamor. The municipality also has lush green areas. The Parque Natural Sintra-Cascais presents itself as an irrefutable invitation to walks, as well as to all activities linked to ecotourism. 


The historic centre of Cascais is home to true architectural gems, such as the Cidadela, Casa de Santa Maria, one of the most emblematic works of the architect Raul Lino, the Museu Condes de Castro Guimarães, the Museu do Mar, Rei D. Carlos, the Casa das Histórias de Paula Rego, a museum projected by the architect Eduardo Souto Moura, awarded the Pritzker Prize, or the Farol – Museu de Santa Marta.

cascais beaches

Cascais is very well prepared for international events and conferences and only 25 km away from Lisbon airport. Using the subway and a railway line you can quickly reach Cascais and its huge range of accommodation of all types, from the luxury hotel to B & B, including hostels and AirBnB.