EPOMM Policy Papers

EPOMM policy papers

EPOMM comments on EU-policies

EPOMM is the prime network of national governments represented by the relevant ministries or state agencies to promote mobility management in Europe in particular its integration in European and national sustainable mobility strategies and policies.

EPOMM is particularly favouring holistic strategies to taking up mobility management as important cost-effective policy tool in national and European policies. EPOMM acts as knowledge and policy hub facilitating the exchange of knowledge and sharing of practical experiences among policy makers, stakeholders, experts and practitioners of its Member States.

When invited, EPOMM delivers comment to EU-policies:

EPOMM´s proposed approach for developing a European Strategy on Mobility Management as a contribution to the European Green Deal - January 2020

EPOMM´s Messages to the Informal EU Council Transport and Environment  - October 2018

Between 2014 and 2017, at every European Conference on Mobility Management, the EPOMM board worked with ECOMM participants to formulate a resolution reflecting the general tendency of the current discussion on Mobility Management: 

At ECOMM 2017 in Maastricht, over 400 participants joined the discussion on how to achieve big dreams and agreed on the new Treaty of Maastricht.

At the ECOMM 2016 in Athens, Odette van de Riet presented the Athens Resolution.

At the ECOMM 2015 in Utrecht, participants from the Commission, the EU-Presidency and all EPOMM countries produced the Declaration of Utrecht.

At the ECOMM 2014 the ECOMM adopted the following ECOMM key messages.

EPOMM was invited to the Expert Group on Urban Mobility in 2015 and 2016. In the framework of this activity, there was also a meeting with Transport Commissioner Bulc and transport ministers from The Netherlands and Luxemburg - download the press release here.

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