NI Bulgaria: Club “Sustainable Development of Civil Society”

The Club “Sustainable Development of Civil Society” (CSDCS) is an apolitical, non governmental and non profit organization founded in 1997 with the goal to unify the efforts of some fellow members of Bulgarian Universities and training organizations for introducing new sustainable approaches to economic and social activities in Bulgaria. Nowadays the members of this NGO are 25, most of them with background in economics, engineering and social sciences.
Our mission is to contribute to the democratization process by introducing sustainable issues in all spheres, strengthening the social dialogue and assisting local stakeholders in their work on regional strategies and project development. We work for creating highly qualified professionals and develop projects thus ensuring mutually beneficial cooperation between Bulgarian and foreign organizations in order to exchange information and experience. As members of the Consortium “European Training Seminars” we deliver training courses on important European issues.
CSDCS represents the Bulgarian NGO sector in the National Committee observing the implementation of the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) at the Council of Ministers. We are members of the Commission for European Cooperation and Control of Euro-funds at the national Assembly and we participate in the national policy for using the EU Structural Funds.
We are members of several EU-networks - DEF, FRA, INFORSE, and TRIALOG. Since 1997 we have been participating in more than 50 projects, funded by EU and other donors (OSI, WB, CEE-fund, Bulgarian government, etc.). We have conducted trainings related to sustainable development of municipalities with EIA and recommendations for introduction of environmental indicators for sustainability. Our interests are spread also to the Urban Management and Mobility Management.

Contact details:
tel./fax: +359(2) 8513558
28-A, Dospat St., Sofia-1463, BULGARIA