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Your benefits:

  1. Prime Access to Information and Know-how

    • The secretariat, EPOMM databases, the website, webinars and e-updates assure excellent access to information and know-how on MM.

    • Members can ask EPOMM for specific research papers, key experts, interesting case studies, evaluation results etc.

    • EPOMM can organise training and workshops on MM for its Members

    • Each EPOMM-member country has its own page on the website in which information relevant to the member country is easily accessible.

  2. Direct transfer of know-how and usage of MM research results and databases,

    • Every EPOMM member state can apply to have a so-called Transfer Workshop, in which the transfer of tools or applications from one country to another is worked out in detail

    • EPOMM is running TEMS, The EPOMM Modal Split Tool, the best modal split database for cities available

    • EPOMM is running MaxEva, a European evaluation tool and database for MM projects

    • Such research results, databases and contacts from EU-projects are transferred to EPOMM and its members.

  3. Support in the formation and deepening of a national network on MM (National Focal Point (NFP)

    • EPOMM members have a National Focal Point (NFP) on Mobility Management connected to EPOMM. These NFPs regularly meet to exchange experience and know-how. EPOMM helps your NFP to become a better national expert on Mobility Management.

    • EPOMM and the NFP have a regular exchange (a thematic workshop twice per year, plus the yearly ECOMM conference).

  4. Promotion of national projects and policy

    • Your country will be promoted as a leading country in Mobility Management on the EPOMM website, providing specific information on its Mobility Management policies and projects.

    • Preferential treatment on the website and in the newsletters of your country ́s MM topics.

    • Your membership and contribution can be featured on the ECOMM and in the EPOMM newsletter.

  5. Website and Electronic News

  • The website provides state-of-the-art information on MM, the best links and case studies on MM, access to key documents, regularly updated news, access to all ECOMM proceedings and is continuously updated.
  • The EPOMM e-newsletter (called e-update) is sent out 10 times per year – mainly to the addressees of the EPOMM Member states. Information concentrates on content from Member states and on the topics set by the Member states.
  • Through the e-update, readers are regularly channelled towards the website.
  1. Participation in European projects for the EPOMM members

    • Through EPOMM, your Ministry can easily become a partner in a number of European Projects on Mobility Management, e.g. <ENDURANCE>

    • Through its networking services, EPOMM can actively support and promote the participation of the member country ́s cities and other interested institutions in European projects.

  2. Influence on European Policy

    • The regular contacts with European institutions enable EPOMM to lobby for support of MM on behalf of their Members on European level, making sure it is recognised as a valuable tool in sustainable mobility policies and that this is reflected in European research and funding programmes.

  3. ECOMM: better access and the possibility to be the host

    • Members have priority over non-members for hosting the prestigious European Conference On Mobility Management – ECOMM. The ECOMM annually attracts over 300-400 international delegates to the host city to exchange ideas and knowledge on Mobility Management.

    •  ECOMM Participants from EPOMM Member states get a discount.

    • Members directly influence and finally determine the programme of the ECOMM.


For more information on EPOMM and how to become a member, please contact us!