EPOMM Countries


The map shows the member countries of EPOMM in dark orange and the EPOMM-PLUS partner countries, where mobility management networks are being developed, in light orange. Clicking on the EPOMM-member countries leads you to the National Focal Points (NFPs).


The light orange countries are EPOMM-PLUS partners that have started to develop/extend their national network.

The NFPs regularly meet to exchange experience and know how. In fact EPOMM helps your NFP to become a better national expert on Mobility Management.

  • All NFP’s receive tailormade services through the Secretariat, for example gathering of best practices on certain Mobility Management topics, support in the organisation of national workshops, sharing and setting up of databases with relevant contacts, etc.
  • EPOMM and the NFPs have a regular exchange (monthly contact, two thematic workshops per year, plus the yearly ECOMM conference).
  • Each of the NFPs in the EPOMM member countries has a quite distinct structure. Follow the links on the right to learn more about them.

EPOMM-PLUS was financed by Intelligent Energy Europe