Welcome to the first European network of Mobility Centers – the SEE MC net

The first European Network of Mobility Centers was implemented in the frame of the SEE MMS project in order to support the establishment of MC standards and to represent a further step towards professionalization, with a common appearance/symbol helping to spread the services to the clients and attract broader attention.

The main aim of SEE MC NET is to build up a europe-wide network of Mobility Centers with all its benefits and to offer citizens and tourists professional information about public transport and alternative sustainable modes of transport with consistently high quality in order to:

  • to make sustainable transport more attractive for both, inhabitants and visitors
  • to ease sustainable crossborder travelling
  • to improve access to european cities
  • to support a sustainable development in european cities

The core of the network is the SEE MMS information platform. The database of this platform is constantly updated and complemented by all MC´s in order to provide information at highest quality.

In particular, the principle objectives of SEE MC NET Infoplatform are:

  • to act as a contact point for all european MC´s to offer best information available to all users of public transportation
  • to promote and develop Mobility Centers by creating a positive awareness and showing the coverage and availability in Europe
  • to ease the access to high quality travel information, especially when travelling cross-border
  • to show alternative travel options
  • to use skills and resources offered by the single MC´s and to encourage cooperation between the European Mobility Centers
  • to be the core of the first European Network of Mobility Centers

The information system is designed in a very user-friendly way and is available 24 hours 7 days a week. The SEE MC NET infoplatform is at disposal of the MC´s staff, PT users, potential PT users, PT operators and all people concerned or interested in transport.

How to join the network

Generally, the network is open to all European Mobility Centers which fulfill the minimal standards and the conditions of admission and which wish to join SEE MC NET.

If you want to become a part of this network just follow a few simple steps:

  1. contact the board and send the description of your MC
  2. The board will check the data, services and offers as well as the compliance with the overall network aims and objectives within 30 days.
  3. In case of admission the board will provide a username and passwort, together with the user-manual, asking you to enter all the data into the platform within the upcoming 14 days.
  4. After finalisation of data-input the SEE MC NET symbol (printable file) and visability guidelines will be submitted to you by e-mail.
  5. Now you just have to apply the SEE MC NET symbol on visible points at the MC and provide evidence (photo) to the board within 30 days
  6. The board will then inform all network partners about the new partner by e-mail.
  7. The membership is free of charge and is constituted without limits as to its duration.

Join the network and become part of the innovative information platform to collect and to interlink all mobility centers data and available knowhow in Europe and let us set a milestone in informational and promotional measures for a sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility.

If you are interested to join the first European network of Mobility Centers, please contact:

Athanasios Chaldeakis
ahaldek@gmail.com or

Ingrid Briesner