Since 2000, Euromobility (Mobility Managers’ Association) develop and promote mobility management within private companies and public administrations.
Euromobility’s activities are divided in:

• Public relations with the establishment (national and international) and with the medias;
• Diffusion and promotion of mobility management to all stakeholders directly and indirectly involved;
• Organisation of events on the issue of sustainable mobility (meetings, seminars, conferences, etc…;
• Training and updating.

• Operational support for the implementation of mobility management initiatives and for commuter plans collection;
• Coordination and communication of mobility innovative services, such as car sharing and flexible services;
• Technical support to public administrations for: realisation of campaigns on air quality, estimation of environmental impacts of the undertaken mobility actions, diffusion of significant results to all the citizenship; technical and scientific support for studies and researches on the environmental and energetic impacts in the transport sector.

Euromobility’s mission is: "Create and spread a culture on sustainable mobility throughout the country. Encourage people and organisations to use eco-compatible transport modes and to act more responsibly in order to generate a better quality of life.”.

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Member: Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea

The institutional mandate of the Italian Ministry of Environment includes promoting, protecting and restoring the environment, with the aim to grant a high quality of life, to enhance a sustainable wise use of natural resources and to prevent and control pollution. Its operational objectives comprise the publication of national legal acts, the participation in the international initiatives dealing with environmental protection and the implementation of EU environmental policies.
The Ministry coordinates Regional and local Administration for the implementation of national resource management plans and programmes.
In the field of mobility management, following the issue of "Ronchi Decree" of March 27, 1998, the Ministry has promoted a series of programs to assist municipalities and institutions, co-financing projects for the establishment of the figure of the mobility manager and promoting policies on mobility management, which, among other services, supplemental transportation company, with shuttles and rail stations or bus stops, dissemination of user information systems, economic incentives aimed at modal split to the local public transport.