ECOMM 2022 - Turku / Finland

UPDATE: ECOMM 2022 successfully took place in Turku/Finland in June 2022

Around 250 participants from all over the world gathered in Turku (FI) to be inspired by the presentations and discussions at the 25th ECOMM in June 2022.

Once more it became clear, that big challenges are ahead of us and joint actions are needed to become independent of fossile fuels, to become climate neutral and to rebalance public space for active mobility.

Beside clean technology and renewable energy, clever mobility management has to be implemented to make climate friendly active mobility and public transport the easy and convenient mobility choice for our citizens.

Here the main conclusions and inspirations of ECOMM 2022:

* Live is the new Online: What an inspiring opportunity being able to meet in person again to discuss, share talk walk dance enjoy together... made a real difference

* Humans and their needs should be in the centre of mobility and transport policies and not the requirements of technology or robots! Mobility Management makes the difference as it builds on the user's perspective!

* Make the sustainable climate-friendly healthy mobility the easy choice! Active mobility public transport e-mobility based on renewable must be convenient and easy accessible.

* Motivate the actors in transport like cities companies or tourism schools to develop and realize climate friendly mobility management and provide supportive national frameworks with funding offers for sustainable mobility management solutions.

* Break the silos, learn from sharing ideas good and bad practice and intensify cooperation and promotion of multimodal mobility management locally nationally and on European levels.

Stay inspired! ...and find all presentations sorted by session for download here:

A1 - Innovations in public transport

A2 - Rediscover walking and cycling in urban environment (after COVID)

A3 - The use of data in mobility management

B1 - Mobility hubs for intermodality

B2 - Citizen-centric solutions in mobility

B3 - Digital shift in mobility - How can we get everyone on board?

C1 - Flexibility in transforming mobility patterns

C2 - Modeling new mobility culture - Priceless mobility 

C3 - Benefits of sustainable mobility as an integral part of sustainable tourism

D1 - Governance innovation for decarbonising urban mobility

D2 - Incentives for sustainable transport

D3 - Greener footprint in tourism

E1 - A strategic look on a modal share growth of sustainable transport after the pandemic

E2 - Collecting smart mobility data

E3 - From strategy to implementation - Recreating urban spaces in Finland

Plenary Session

Closing Session



BE INSPIRED by…. sustainable mobility! 

This year´s European Conference on Mobility Management will take place on 31.5.–2.6.2022 in Turku / Finland.

Are you looking for innovative ideas or co-operation opportunities? Join the 25th ECOMM in Turku. Learn the latest research, broaden your academic horizons and have fun with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Don't miss your opportunity on the Early Bird tickets (available until 22nd of April).

 pic 3     turku sunset

Turku is a veritable treasure chest for the visitor: here you will find eye-pleasing archipelago landscapes, modern city life, the peacefulness of the countryside and high-quality services. Not only is Turku the first capital on Finland but has the soul of an international culture capital in the approachable setting of a small city. 


Come enjoy the beautiful city of Turku, get to know the Finnish archipelago, enjoy the locally produced food and develop yourself in a great learning atmosphere. We are looking forward to meeting you! Find your tickets at

ECOMM Turku has keynote speakers you do not want to miss:

Tatyana Aromaa (Senior Service Designer) works with various industries on projects that focus on creating services and products in close cooperation with its customers and users. She believes that the understanding of a holistic ecosystem in the process is critical in her work to create a synergy between people and businesses. Jane Vita (Designer Lead at VTT) has over 20 years of experience on various design fields. Currently her daily work is about creating bridges between innovative technologies and sustainable, human and ethical futures, supporting the research impact's maximisation. Aromaa and Vita talk about how co-creation can support mobility strategies. They present methods and tools used for co-creation and share case studies relevant to the topic.

Dr. Samuel Piha has hold the title of docent in consumer research since 2020. He earned his doctoral degree in marketing at University of Turku in 2018, and his master’s degree was completed in economic geography at the same university in 2014. Currently, Piha works as an assistant professor at University of Vaasa. Piha’s research interests relate to evolutionary psychological aspects to consumer behaviour, particularly consumer well-being, consumer empowerment, sexuality-related consumption, food consumption, and shopping behaviour. Piha puts a high value on popularising scientific thinking, and his research has often been disseminated by popular media. Piha talks about the future consumer behaviour when it comes to mobility management. He presents eye-opening examples and makes guests think for sure.

Karl-Heinz Posch has an education as a civil engineer. With friends he founded Pentaplan, office for architecture and transport and worked in urban planning and freight traffic projects. He has a keen interest in urban planning and has consulted in a variety of projects, ranging from his home in Austria through various European countries to as far as India. From 2015-2021 he had his second stint as managing director at FGM-AMOR. Since then he is active as independent consultant, to a large part in his home town as a new government aims to manage the transition to sustainable mobility. Posch talks about inspiration and city transformation at the ECOMM 2022.

The final programme has now been published.

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