Site based MM

Here you can download the Compendium of site based Mobility Management measures
The compendium consists of a range of MM measures at the site level which can be implemented by the developers (or employers) of new developments.

MM at a site

Mobility is core to every company’s operations. Employees for example have to reach the workplace quickly, easily and in comfort, and have to be mobile for their daily business activities. The accessibility of the site for clients, visitors and business partners by different modes of transport has to be ensured. Every company has an interest in organising the traffic generated by its activities well, minimising its costs and maximising the satisfaction of employees, clients and visitors, whilst at the same time protecting the environment. The management of mobility is important for every organisation; those that are actively addressing the consequences of less sustainable mobility are able to recognise weaknesses, reduce costs and improve their image with wider society.
The compendium of site based Mobility Management (MM) measures is dedicated to developers, employers, consultants and public authorities. It gives a quick overview of the possibilities that site-occupiers have to (re ) organise the traffic they generate in a more sustainable way.

You might also download a 2-page fact sheet covering site based mobility management.

There is also a powerpoint presentation on this subject: What is site based mobility management? (D1).