MaxSumo – shows how to plan, monitor and evaluate mobility projects

With MaxSumo you can effectively plan, monitor and evaluate Mobility Management projects. It provides standardised guidance during all steps of your project, e.g. when setting targets, defining target groups, selecting services and mobility options. MaxSumo can be used for single measures as well as for combined measures.

Using MaxSumo, you break down the complex process of behavioural change into smaller steps that can be monitored and evaluated successively. This is comparable to using the staircase when going down instead of jumping from the highest floor. By going in small, successive steps, possible deviations can be corrected at an early stage.


These steps are presented in MaxSumo as successive assessment levels. For each level you need to decide your target and how to measure these. You might decide to skip some steps, as in some projects it is neither possible nor necessary to monitor all levels.


How to start

  • Download and read the MaxSumo guide: ENDEESFRNLPLPTSE
  • Go straight to MaxEva, which is MaxSumo on the web. You can start entering data and look at other projects that used MaxSumo.
  • Download the MaxSumo Fact Sheet that is available in 15 European Languages: MaxSumo Fact Sheet (CZDEEEESFRGRHUITLTNLPLPTSESI )