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Dear reader,

As already pre-announced in December 2018, we regret to confirm that due to the latest Brexit developments and the uncertainty deriving from it, the ECOMM 2019 was finally cancelled by the local organisers in Edinburgh.

Due to the very short handling time, we could not find an alternative venue and ensure a high-quality conference in 2019. Thus, we decided to focus on ECOMM 2020, that will take place in Cascais/Portugal. We very much appreciate the Portuguese invitation, as after so many ECOMMs in Northern European countries it is time to visit the South of Europe again.

Portugal and the City of Cascais with its beautiful landscape are a very attractive location, which - besides rich cultural heritage - can offer a great variety of best practice in Mobility Management and will create the perfect venue for participants from all over Europe.


ECOMM 2020 - New Mobility… New Governance… New Realities for People and Cities – AGAIN!

Cascais is one of the Portuguese counties that has high motorisation rates and whose mobility is strongly based on motorised individual transport, which has generated an overload of infrastructure and a too great dependence on the car for traveling. This has contributed to the accentuation of the suburban characteristics of Cascais and to increased car traffic to Lisbon.

Recently the municipality of Cascais is implementing a set of innovative measures in the area of mobility at an accelerated pace and establishing itself as a hub of incubation and experimentation of new solutions. It actively encourages and participates in the debate on new mobility solutions at European level. And as the future is already tomorrow, politicians, technicians and citizens wonder how the urban mobility of the future will be? Will it be shared? Will it be Electric? Will it be interactive? Will it be digital and intelligent? Will it even be autonomous? Will we have new forms of mobility? What is the role of technologies in the transformation of cities?

AGAIN: the cities have been transforming due to the individual transportation and car. Now we must resize, retrofit and find new ways such as co-mobility, to have a pleasant city to live AGAIN.


CASCAIS - Where the Land Ends and the Sea Begins

Source (all photos): Cascais Próxima - Gestão de Mobilidade, Espaços Urbanos e Energias, E.M., S.A.

Cascais has a 30 km coastline, including beaches of wild nature and other more urban ones, in a scenario of glamor that combines the blue of the Atlantic Ocean with the green of the Serra de Sintra.

From the beach of Carcavelos (one of the first international surfing destinations) to the wild dunes of Guincho, a rugged coastline with steep and high cliffs, interspersed by the bay of Cascais and its welcoming beaches, bestow the coast a touch of glamor.

The municipality also has lush green areas. The Parque Natural Sintra-Cascais presents itself as an irrefutable invitation to walks, as well as to all activities linked to ecotourism.

The historic centre of Cascais is home to true architectural gems, such as the Cidadela, Casa de Santa Maria, one of the most emblematic works of the architect Raul Lino, the Museu Condes de Castro Guimarães, the Museu do Mar, Rei D. Carlos, the Casa das Histórias de Paula Rego, a museum projected by the architect Eduardo Souto Moura, awarded the Pritzker Prize, or the Farol – Museu de Santa Marta.


Come and join the ECOMM 2020 in beautiful Cascais!

Cascais is very well prepared for international events and conferences and only 25 km away from Lisbon airport.

Using the subway and a railway line you can quickly reach Cascais and its huge range of accommodation of all types, from the luxury hotel to B & B, including hostels and AirBnB.

We are looking forward to meeting you at ECOMM 2020


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