ECOMM Call for Papers 2019
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‚Mobility in disruption – Fast forward to smart and sustainable societies‘ was the main theme of the 22nd edition of the ECOMM, the European Conference on Mobility Management, which took place from 30. May to 01. June 2018 in Uppsala, Sweden.

“Warmth. Knowledge. Inspiration. Those are words that describe ECOMM 2018 pretty well. Around 330 people from all over the world gathered in Uppsala to attend ECOMM 2018. From what we heard, saw and learned at the conference, many of us are really in need of the right tools here and now in order to fast-forward to sustainable societies and one thing that really stood out was the kindness among people and the will to help and inspire each other.”

- Saga Hävermark, project manager ECOMM 2018, City of Uppsala -

In this e-update you will find some highlights of the conference, and, besides that, we are pleased to inform you that all presentations and photos are now available for download.

Furthermore, it is our pleasure to announce the City of Edinburgh as the venue of the next ECOMM in 2019, and we hope to welcome you all in Scotland. Stay tuned for further details on the date, the call for papers and additional information!

Are you interested to host the 24th ECOMM in 2020? Hosting an ECOMM offers your city an excellent opportunity to showcase and share your successes and achievements in the field of Mobility Management and clean and sustainable urban transport. Find all information here and apply by 14 October 2018.


It is essential not to lose the big picture

The Municipality of Uppsala, Photographer: Alex Giacomini

The main theme of the ECOMM 2018 was ‚Mobility in disruption – Fast forward to smart and sustainable societies‘. Disruptive mobility provides many opportunities for smart and sustainable societies. However, there are still many challenges and concerns regarding it. In order to overcome some of the most prominent challenges and to be able to actually fast-forward to smart and sustainable societies, and not to lose the bigger picture, the ECOMM 2018 conference selected five cross-cutting subjects.

Discussions about sustainability often tend to focus on quite distant futures, but the truth is that we already have many sustainable mobility solutions available. Yesterday, today and tomorrow were compared by using examples from the past to highlight the current disruption. Barriers for today ́s smart mobility solutions that need to be taken into account regarding the institutional and legal framework was the second subject of the conference. In order to create socially, economically and ecologically sustainable societies it is crucial that citizens are able to change from one lifestyle to another. This requires knowledge about human behaviour and behavioural change. Mobility policies need to build bridges between different types of areas and prevent the gaps between them from growing. It is of uttermost importance to include everyone to avoid segregation and to ensure safety for everyone.


330 participants, 60 interventions, 25 sessions, 3 days, 1 goal: Exchange

The Municipality of Uppsala, Photographer: Alex Giacomini

The three-day conference attracted more than 330 participants who had the chance to attend and actively participate in 25 inspiring focus sessions with 60 interventions covering a wide spectrum of mobility related topics, as well as listen to some of the latest developments and innovations taking place in Europe and beyond.

All this was complemented by a line-up of officials, inspiring keynote speakers and a panel discussion with various national and international panellists under professional guidance of moderator Åsa Julin, a journalist and moderator with long experience as news anchor on TV4 News and as reporter on Swedish Television and Swedish Radio.


Nudging – Big Data – Social Sustainability

Ida Lemoine

Ed Parsons

Anna Fahlkrans

Ida Lemoine is a co-founder and CEO of Beteendelabbet (The Behaviour Lab Sweden) and one of Sweden’s leading lecturers in nudging. Nudging aims to influence people’s behavior by designing environments and applications to make it easy to do the right thing. The method is considered effective in helping consumers, citizens and employees to make more sustainable choices. Ida Lemoine provided insights on how nudging can be used in practice and how psychology, design and behavioural economics can be combined to deliver sustainable mobility solutions.

Ed Parsons is the Geospatial Technologist of Google, with responsibility for evangelising Google’s mission to organise the world’s information using geography. In this role he maintains links with Governments, Universities, Research and Standards Organisations which are involved in the development of Geospatial Technology. At ECOMM 2018, Ed gave an inspirational speech on smart societies and enhanced mobility as a result of informatics.

Anna Fahlkrans is the business developer of the Swedish train operator SJ. She is responsible for developing new concepts such as a hand implant microchip as train ticket – a technology of which SJ is the world´s first company in the business to try out. As SJ constantly works with developing and innovating together with their customers, Anna gave a keynote about innovations and social sustainability.


Welcome Scotland! Welcome to Edinburgh!

Marketing Edinburgh

It was with big pleasure to welcome the South East of Scotland as a new regional member of EPOMM during the ECOMM 2018. SEStran (South East of Scotland Transport Partnership) together with Napier University Transport Research Institute will be the key institutional contacts for the EPOMM membership.

Working in partnership there is much that cities, regions and countries can learn from each other and EPOMM’s hope is that this learning process, which builds on best available practice, will accelerate the widespread implementation of Mobility Management. This is very much in line with SEStran’ s strategy and way of partnership working. Being a member of EPOMM is a great opportunity to highlight what is being done in the region and more broadly in Scotland.

To put this vision into reality and to underline Scotlands membership in EPOMM, the City of Edinburgh was announced as host of the ECOMM 2019. The conference will take place 29 May to 1 June with the overall theme ‚Mobility Management: Improving Lives and Communities‘. The conference will emphasise the strong link between mobility management and quality of life, using transport and mobility policy to enhance access to opportunity and to increase social inclusion, as well as to improve local environments by; helping to grow economies, promote equality, improve health & wellbeing whilst at the same time taking climate action. We look forward to continuing the mobility revolution in Edinburgh!


EPOMM Strategy Book launched at ECOMM 2018!

The timing and occasion of the ECOMM 2018 was just perfect to launch the EPOMM strategy book.

EPOMM’s president, Robert Thaler, presented the EPOMM strategy book, which provides an overview of the best strategy practices from the Member States of EPOMM.

This publication is meant to serve as a source of inspiration for interested countries and the European Union as a whole. The strategy practices outlined here cannot simply be ‚copied and pasted‘, as the contextual environments differ among countries. However, they can provide ideas and proven concepts which are worth disseminating amongst countries and on the European level. So that mobility on the European level and in all European countries is managed to realize a sustainable Europe with cities and rural areas that are pleasant and prosperous places to be.

There is a big dream to win, a bright big picture to paint – clean mobility – achievable by putting the puzzle pieces of mobility measures and instruments together guided by intelligent Mobility Management.

Let´s start to act on it! Make use of the good experiences of EPOMM members, and let´s work together in the European Platform on Mobility Management!

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