22nd ECOMM 2018 in Uppsala

‚Mobility in disruption – Fast forward to smart and sustainable societies‘ was the main theme of the 22nd edition of the ECOMM, the European Conference on Mobility Management, which took place from 30. May to 01. June 2018 in Uppsala, Sweden.

Warmth. Knowledge. Inspiration. Those are words that describe ECOMM 2018 pretty well.

Around 330 people from all over the world gathered in Uppsala to attend ECOMM 2018. From what we heard, saw and learned at the conference, many of us are really in need of the right tools here and now in order to fast-forward to sustainable societies. One thing that really stood out was the kindness among people and the will to help and inspire each other. The delegates of ECOMM are very keen on guiding others but at the same time humble to the fact that they themselves are facing challenges in their own cities and countries. Making it a theme to encourage people to share both good and less good examples and experiences turned out to be a wise choice, since it is something that many delegates have pointed out as something that stood out.

Something quite new to ECOMM was the ECOMM 2018 app. Apps have been used before but not in the last few years. This year we thought it only seemed right to use an app at an event where technological solutions are much discussed as a tool to help increase sustainability.

Saga Hävermark, project manager ECOMM 2018, City of Uppsala