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Grupo de Estudios y Alternativas 21, S.L. is a consultant’s network founded in 1995 over the experience of 15 independent professionals with a long tradition in environment and transport projects. Currently, gea21 is a truly multidisciplinary endeavour, bringing together members from diverse backgrounds (academic, public administration, research...), with a solid experience in the development of projects on a number of inter-related fields: transport, energy, waste, water management, wildlife, rural and urban planning, socially and environmentally responsible business and governance.

Participative and environmental urban and transport planning is now one of their main areas of expertise. Over the last decades gea21 has acquired an extensive experience in the development of sustainable mobility projects at national, regional and local level, including a great number of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) and Non Motorized Transport Plans (NMTP), among other Mobility Management initiatives. With this background gea21 has developed a solid methodological ground in the provision and evaluation of MM which has leaded some of its members to the publication of several reference guidebooks in this matter.

At an European level, gea21 has been awarded with several European projects, being the most recent TRANSPORT LEARNING (IEE), CIVITAS-ARCHIMEDES (FP7) and SNOWBALL (STEER).

Throughout its life, gea21 has developed consultancy services as its main field of work, but knowledge transfer and professional training activities has also been part of its work, having established partnerships with educational organizations. In addition, gea21 has provided advisory services to all levels of the public administration (national, regional and local administration).

Also, gea21 staff includes members with expert skills in participative processes and communication and dissemination activities.

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